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Fats, Weight and Health

The number of health and weight loss products on the market today is astonishing, and when reading promotional information it can be difficult to distinguish what is truth and what is fiction. While some are designed to decrease your appetite, some are designed to burn calories and fat. In the best interest of long term good health, it is best to stick with products that will both benefit your overall good health and provide weight control support.

Fat Is Your Friend

The human body needs fats in order to function properly. Although it may at first sound counterproductive, because healthy fats keep your organs running more efficiently, it stands to reason that your body would in turn process foods better. Everything works in concert to provide your system with what it needs to be at its best.

Best Sources of Fats

The natural fat content in foods such as seeds and eggs can contribute to the health of your skin, heart and brain. Even meats (preferably natural) will give you a dose of good fat. For a real boost, you can also use dietary supplement oils such as NuMedica MCT Oil in conjunction with your meals to help you get extra essential fats into your daily diet. You can even multitask on busy mornings by adding these types of oils to your coffee.

Maintain a Positive Relationship With Your Nutrition

It is important to remember why you want to make changes (or tweaks, perhaps) to what you eat. Yes, doing so can help you to lose weight and have the shape you’ve always wanted. But how you feel in your skin and the way you think is just as imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let words like fat scare you away from eating what will truly nourish your body and mind. Taking care of yourself means taking care of every part of you. The younger-looking skin and the sparkle in your eye are simply a bonus.