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How Much Does It Cost To Work With An Online Personal Trainer?

Working out is basically free. Working out well requires some investment. Building a beautiful figure needs a more serious approach and making a good plan in more different fields in life. See all the things you need to do for making a great body here.

That’s why people are hiring professional trainers who’ll help them with their work. Personal coaches give motivation, prepare a meal plan, and give advice on what’s best for you while you work out. However, like everything in life, this too has its own price. Read on to see more about it.

General live trainer cost

Live coaches usually charge from a session. If you’re about to make an agreement for a longer period of time this price can be lower than the one for a session. The general price is $50 per session. Of course, more experienced ones who usually have a lot of clients charge higher for their services. This is only normal – everything that is in high demand on the market is sold for a higher price.

If you book them for a month with 3 times a week sessions, you’ll be charged as high as $500. Realizing that this money can give you a lot of benefits, it’s not that expensive. Health and living a good life is very important for everyone.

Online cost

The online coaching is much more affordable than live coaching. Generally, the cost is around $100 per month. It’s important to find an experienced person who’ll be devoted to your goals. Basically, you don’t see who’s communicating with you online, so you need to find a trainer who has good reviews.

This is the good part of the online training. You can look for a person who is a good or not so good based on the reviews other clients of theirs left on the internet. There are so many websites offering this option that you can’t miss if someone complained before you. Also, online trainers can’t lie about their experience. If you see that they had clients 10 years ago, then you’re sure they know what’s going on in the world of fitness.

More affordable options

You can always find more affordable options. They are called – fitness and bodybuilding books. You’re actually getting a self-care book for your body. In them, you can learn about how to make the right meal program and how to train perfectly for your needs.

The authors of these kinds of books are usually trainers who used to work as ones before or are still doing this for a living. Either way, they know the subject very well and transferred it into words. The benefit is yours in the end.

Free options

There are two kinds of free options. One is called a trial period. For example, the online training website CALIBER offers a 14-day trial of their services. After that, you’ll have to connect to their program. In two weeks there’s not much you can do with yourself, but it’s still a base to see if you like the work or not.

The other option is called internet videos. There are thousands of videos from low experienced or highly experienced trainers available online. YouTube has a giant base of these videos. Simply open and find what you need. Of course, they can’t provide what a paid personal coach can, but that’s why this is free.

Internet health apps

There are tons of health apps for Smartphones online today. Lots of them are free and they measure only basic things like distance, calories, and heart rate. Apps that are paid will offer more options, like personal meal plans, notifications for special working schedule and food time. The more expensive the app, the better results you can expect.


It’s always best to be in the gym and work with a professional coach. However, not everyone enjoys the company while they work and not everyone likes to spend top dollars on this. Online training is a perfect option – it is affordable and still provides guidance from a personal trainer who’ll keep track of your progress. If you’re still thinking whether you should start working out – try this motivational article: