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Four Benefits of Digital Radiology Exams

When your doctor needs to investigate a medical issue, they may order digital radiology Edison NJ. The digital radiology exams include an open MRI, CT scan and ultrasound. If you are worried about your procedure, here are four benefits of digital radiology exams.

Painless Procedures

Radiology exams are painless procedures that do not take longer than an hour to complete. You are going to have to stay in the same position as the machine scans your body, but machines such as an open MRI are designed to accommodate bodies of different types. It is better to sit, lie or stand in the same position for a while than it is to deal with any unbearable pain.

Low Radiation

A high dose of radiation is a common worry among patients, and you may be worried about the radiation yourself. The good news is a digital radiology exam only uses a low dose of radiation. A digital machine relies on an electronic sensor to scan your body, so a high dose of radiation is not necessary for procedures such as a digital X-ray.

Quick Results

When you have a traditional procedure done, you may need to wait a week to receive the results from your doctor. A technician can pull up the results of your procedure on a computer, and they can send the results to your doctor within 24 hours. You may receive the results from your doctor within 24 to 72 hours of your procedure.

Accurate Reading

It is important for your doctor to receive an accurate reading of your procedure to diagnose your condition. If they receive an inaccurate reading, you may find yourself scheduling an appointment for a second digital radiology exam. A technician can manipulate the images as needed, such as zooming in on a specific area.

When your doctor orders a digital radiology Edison NJ, schedule your procedure at Woodbridge Radiology. You are greeted by a warm staff who uses extra care and state-of-the-art equipment for your procedure. Remember, scheduling your appointment is the first step towards your road to recovery.