Protecting Your Children From The Flu
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Protecting Your Children From The Flu

Protecting Your Children From The Flu

Protecting Your Children From The FluThe flu is rampant this time of year, and many parents are worried about how they can protect their children from the flu. This article is going to list several steps that you can take to avoid sickness in your home:

1. Eat Plenty of Fruits and VeggiesFruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help to strengthen your immune system and prevent disease. Be sure that your children are eating fresh produce on a daily basis, these foods will build up their defenses and help the body to stay strong.

2. Drink WaterStaying well hydrated can help the body to efficiently flush out toxins and prevent disease from setting in. Have your children drink water throughout the day. Water is much more effective than soda or other sugar-filled drinks.

3. Stay Away From Sugary TreatsEating foods that are filled with sugars and other unhealthy ingredients can weaken the immune system, which causes a person to be more susceptible to disease. Keep your children away from these unhealthy treats as much as possible in order to prevent illness.

4. Cut Back On Dairy ProductsWe always hear that milk does a body good, but the truth is that dairy products are actually mucous-forming… which means that dairy products can create the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria in your body. Limiting dairy intake can help your kids to avoid the runny noses and other congestion that occurs when the body is trying to get rid of an illness.

5. Wash Their HandsChildren come into contact with viruses and bacteria on a regular basis: school, daycare, friends, toys, etc. Teach your children to wash their hands throughout the day in order to prevent the illness from taking hold.

These steps seem simple, but they can be very effective in preventing disease. Taking a few precautions everyday can help your family to avoid coming down with the illnesses that are spreading around this season.