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Age Spots? They Are Harmless

Age Spots? They Are Harmless

When you first saw a little spot on your skin you thought of the worst possible scenario. It is a natural reaction and you are right to be on the cautious side. All skin spots are referred to as age spots because they are a sign that your skin is aging. They occur in the face, neck and hands, which are the areas of your skin exposed to the elements. Unless the spot is a raised area of skin you can rest assured your spots are harmless.

What are age spots?

They are all shapes and sizes and come in brown, yellow and liver colours. They appear on your skin usually in your 40s and 50s but they can show on younger people. Although they are not serious, their discolouration of your skin is annoying and you would feel better without them.

Causes of age spots

Age spots are sometimes described as liver spots, which can signify a malfunction of the liver. It may be that your diet is antioxidant deficient. Therefore, a quick change to a nutritious diet will help your liver to clear itself of toxins and possibly your liver spots. If you are worried get some advice from your doctor.

The main cause of spots is due to exposure to the sun. To develop age spots in this way takes many years. It can be avoided, simply by restricting the length of time you bask in the sun, or better still, keep your face, hands and neck covered if you have to spend prolonged periods in sunshine.

Treatment remedies

As age spots take years to develop you have to be patient when it comes to getting rid of them. If one remedy fails to remove them do not stop trying other means of eliminating them. A home remedy that works well is the juice or gel of the Aloe Vera plant. By rubbing the juice or gel directly on to your spots daily you could see some improvements within a few months.

As a preventative measure, always put on some sunscreen cream or lotion when you are out of doors in all seasons. Your sunscreen should have a sun protection factor of at least 15.

However, if you want to know how to treat age spots, you could save time and money by finding an effective skin care topical application manufactured from the most natural substances. You will not find these products advertised in the media. Instead, advertising funds are invested in more careful research and development to create a high quality product. Here is where you could find all the answers to your skin care problems not just your age spots.