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A Well Know Diabetic Treatment Linked to Heart Attacks

A Well Know Diabetic Treatment Linked to Heart Attacks

Diabetes is being diagnosed at epic proportions right now, including juvenile diabetes which is at its all time high in the United States due to the spike in childhood obesity. While doctors are doing all they can to manage the disease one drug being used to treat it maybe causing further complications. It has been determined there is a link between the drug Avandia and heart attacks. While one of the complications of diabetes is increased risk for heart attack and stroke this does not paint a pretty picture for its users.

Avandia has been on the market for 9 plus years while over the past few years problems have been arising in users of Avandia. The drug is typically used in conjunction with metaformin and other diabetes medications, helping reduce the amount of glucose in the blood stream. But in 2007 a public safety advisory was placed on the drug Avandia saying that it increases cardiovascular risks. Additional risks were found including risk for osteoporosis, heart failure and liver failure. Liver failure can be a life threatening condition as well. The treatment for liver failure is a liver transplant. If you have any of the following side effects and are currently on Avandia report it to your physician:

Yellowing of the skin & eyes [Jaundice]


Stomach pain



In a study conducted by a Cleveland clinic over 14,000 Users were tested. The study was conducted by 2 researchers and showed that their was an increase in heart attacks among Avandia users by 43%. After the results were posted the New England Journal of Medicine the FDA recommended a Black Box Label be placed on the drug to warn consumers of the cardiovascular risks of Avandia.

Though there has not been a recall on Avandia there are ways to tell if you have been effected. Below are a list of cardiovascular side effects to be aware of when taking Avandia:

High blood pressure

Swelling of the arms & Legs

Fluid in Lungs

Weight gain

If you have any of these side effects and are currently on Avandia consult your physician. In addition there are several common side effects listed below:

Upper respiratory infections


Swelling or water weight gain

Back pain



Broken bones

Loss of Appetite

Changes in menstruation

Blurred Vision

Other common side effects of taking any diabetes controller medications are Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when the your glucose levels drop rapidly. Careful monitoring of your blood sugars and taking adequate sugar when dropping with keep you at the right levels.

Hyperglycemia is the elevation of your blood glucose level at a rapid pace. Remembering to take your medications, exercise, and watch your diet will assist in keeping your numbers where they are suppose to be while continuing treatments. Be sure to consult your physician about an action plan for monitoring your sugar levels.

Avandia is a beneficial treatment of Diabetes careful monitoring and self evaluation of side effects is important when taking any medication. If you have experienced side effects of cardiovascular conditions while on Avandia it is wise to consult your physician and a specialized Avandia lawyer. Remembering to put yourself and family first will keep you safe. While there has not been a recall on the drug Avandia a public safety advisory has been placed on its use. Remembering to take heed to the Black box label could save your life.