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Resources for Elderly People in Need of Assistance

Senior citizens have a great deal to contribute to society. We can all learn much from their wisdom and life experiences. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize and appreciate them as much as we should, and sometimes we fall short in providing the medical care they deserve as they age. Here are a few widely available resources that can help elderly people with their health, allowing them to live as normally and age as gracefully as possible.

At Home Care

Many seniors need help performing basic tasks in their houses or apartments. At home care Massachusetts can assist with many needs from administering medication to preparing and delivering meals. People who qualify for at home care can also receive help getting in and out of their beds, chairs, and bathtubs.


Medicare is a program provided by the United States government that provides medical coverage to citizens over the age of 65 and people with disabilities. It essentially works as an insurance provider would for those who qualify; the government negotiates payment and accepts claims from medical providers, usually with little (if any) cost to the Medicare member. Once a person is enrolled, case workers are assigned to them to track and help manage their care.

The Department of Health and Human Services

Beyond Medicare, the United States government offers information and help through the department of health and human services. This includes online and written resource guides to find specialists and medical providers through the national institute on Aging. This department also oversees the administration for community living, which runs several programs and services that help elderly people live safely and independently.

Senior citizens are our parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers, and friends. They deserve dignity and care as they reach the last chapters of their lives. These programs are just a few of the many national and local resources that can help make that happen.