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Unleash The Power Of Healing And Hope

Unleash The Power Of Healing And Hope

Patiently I waited for her to walk out of her Doctor’s office. He was a specialist who could help her recover from an illness that began with hernia surgery years ago. The mesh from that surgery had disintegrated into her body. Her pain excruciating. Her nights sleepless, and her days filled with discomfort, and anxiety.

In her prime she was an extremely successful business woman. Had this mesh not decomposed,in her body she would still be in the prime of her career. A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Yet shrewd in her business world. And now, her world consists of living on a minimal amount of money, seeing Doctors for pain, and little hope of getting well. Her Doctors tell her she should have been dead long ago.

What secret has kept this woman alive? Her hope and passion for helping other people. Her dream in her younger years was to help people get the best financial information that was available.

You now have insight about the woman I drove to the Doctor’s office and watched as she walked out with dignity, but with tears streaming down her lovely face. My heart reached out, but she at that moment felt too defeated. I drove her home with little conversation.

Today I had a visit with her. We had tea and sandwiches. And she talked about her business career. I listened as she helped me with my issues. It takes about 33 seconds to lose hope. We have a very short time span to regain our composure to once again have the will to find hope. I have observed this woman for two years. Her composure is instant. Her dream to help people in need is highly regarded by all who know her.

Sharing her dream with you is my blessing. She has instantaneously regained hope when none was available. She has kept her dream alive to help other people, even as her pain and suffering increases.

Keep your dream alive. Your dream is your Identity. The catalyst to any dream is the energy of hope. You can rebuild your dream and hope with gratitude. The process is simple. It takes thirty days to form a habit. Form the habit of gratitude by giving thanks to your God each morning when you wake for the blessings you have now. And then give thankful gratitude to God for the blessings you are expecting for the day you are facing regardless of how you feel. At night before sleep again give grateful thanks to God for the blessings that entered into your life that day. Do this for thirty days. You will begin to see good changes in your life. Your hope is the pathway to fulfilling your dream. The Phantoms cannot steal what your Creator has gifted you, if you keep giving gratitude to build hope. Your dream is your joy, your true identity.