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What you need to Know About Implant Dentistry

Dentistry is split into a number of different categories. Those who perform x-rays, cleanings, and cavity fillings are considered the General Practitioners of the dentistry world. Orthodontists could be considered the authors of this medical profession. Rather than worrying about the content, they’re concerned about structure (straight teeth, overlapping teeth, etc.)

The implant dentist

On the other hand, the implant dentist is concerned about both content and structure. Their job is to determine the extent of tooth and gum damage due to sickness or surgeries and come up with an artificial solution in the form of implants. Overall, implant dentists want to restore your smile to what it once was or create a brand new one for you.

Why are implants needed?

Implants are required for a number of reasons. If you search implant dentistry journal online sites like you’ll find a number of examples where single implants or bridges are needed. For instance, a dead tooth requires removal via a root canal. Or, someone needs a bridge or partial for teeth that were broken or damaged from external conditions. These implants not only help restore someone’s smile but also prevent further issues with their existing teeth. Without anything to hold them together, teeth on the opposite sides of the opening will start to shift and cause further problems that only braces or surgeries can correct.

What does the implant dentist do?

When you are referred to an implant dentist, here are some of the tasks they perform.

  • Measure the spaces and determine if any further actions are required before an implant is added.
  • Create a mold of the implants.
  • Determine the color and shape in order not to look totally different from the original teeth.
  • Insert the implants into your gums via small posts.
  • Polish and clean your natural and artificial teeth.

If this is something you have decided to look into, reach out to your local dentist for recommended implant specialists. When you meet these implant dentists ask all the questions you have to get a full idea of what needs to be done. The more you know, the better you’ll feel.