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The Importance Of A Liver Cleanse For Living a Disease Free Life

The Importance Of A Liver Cleanse For Living a Disease Free Life

Do you want to live the rest of your life virtually disease free? How much more could you accomplish in life if you never had to battle illness? How much more productive would you be? How much money would you save not having to pay for drugs and regular doctor visits? What if something happened due to poor health, that could cost you thousands of dollars in surgery to fix?

This is precisely why I always tell people it’s so worth spending a small amount of money in preventing illness.

Even if you think you’re healthy right now, in the long run, preventing illness is far more beneficial on all levels over waiting for the illness to come and then having to find ways to cure it.

Cleansing Your Liver

The absolute best method I’ve found in preventing disease, and living the healthiest life possible, is by keeping a healthy liver.

Your liver is the most active and alive organ in your entire body. It’s the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself, and is responsible for digesting all your food, and removing all the toxins and chemicals in your body.

When our livers become over rot, it loses much of its ability to keep toxins and diseases from festering in our bodies, therefore making us sick.

This happens mainly due to poor diet rich in processed and fast foods, excess alcohol and drugs, and poor exercise. An unhealthy liver is also the main reason why many people cannot lose weight, because your liver burns off all of your excess, unneeded fat. This will lead to many other health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, cancer etc..

Another sign of an unhealthy liver is brain fog. Since your liver cleanses your body of all toxins, when it isn’t able to do this effectively, all of these chemicals begin to build up over time. These toxins will build up inside fat cells, and since your brain is made up mostly of fat cells, all these toxins will begin to be stored there. Which leads to your overall intelligence to be lower than it really should be.

The Solution

None of this is permanent. Your liver is an amazing organ and when given the proper nutrition and care, will repair itself back to normal. The best place to start is by doing a quality liver cleanse and then making sure to eat a healthy diet after the cleanse is over.…

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Fatty Liver Diet – Friend And Foe Foods To Reduce Fat In The Liver

Fatty Liver Diet – Friend And Foe Foods To Reduce Fat In The Liver

Without a nutrient-rich fatty liver diet in place, it can be extremely difficult to reduce the effects of steatosis and fatty liver disease (FDL). FDL is present in millions of people worldwide, particularly those who suffer from other conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Although benign and asymptomatic in many patients, if the disease is not regulated and kept under control, it can progress into a life threatening ailment through cirrhosis, liver cancer, and eventually total liver failure.

The liver is an amazing organ with over 200 functions. It has often been called the body’s “chemical factory” and is a built-in, natural filter. It is also a storehouse for fats, vitamins, and minerals and produces up to 24 oz of bile per day.

Bile is important in the emulsification of fat in the intestines. Emulsification refers to the process of breaking down large fat globules into smaller ones. The liver is also the only organ in the human body capable of regeneration. If it shuts down, death can occur within 24 hours.

Is Fat In The Liver Normal?

You may already know excess fat in the body is often stored in adipocytes (fat cells) in areas such as the belly and thighs. So why does fat get into the liver in the first place?

First, it is important to understand fat in the liver accumulates as triglycerides and not as adipocytes. It’s perfectly normal for small amounts to show up and be stored in the liver. Reasons for this include:

Fat metabolism occurs mostly in the liver.

Under some circumstances, such as when a person experiences hypoglycemia, the liver will convert glycogen to fatty acids.

Fatty acids are converted into energy in the liver when stores of glucose (the main energy source for the body) run low.

Since fat is not water-soluble, lipoproteins carry fatty acids both from and to the liver to be processed.

With all these processes involving fat occurring in the liver, it only makes sense for some fat to be stored there. However, when fat makes up more than 5-10% of the liver by weight, a fatty liver occurs.

Diet plays a key role in reducing a fatty liver. Clearly the greatest foe is fat itself. Therefore, high fat foods should be avoided. Lean cuts of white meat, such as chicken and turkey, should replace fried and/or dark meats such as beef. Alcohol, as well as high sugar fruit juices and energy drinks, should be avoided.

Instead, try to focus a fatty liver diet plan on liver friendly foods such as fruits and vegetables (greens, leaves, and vitamin C rich foods) and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates break down slowly, giving the body a slow, steady source of energy.

Simple carbohydrates, like those found in sweets, should be avoided because they break down quickly and are used rapidly by the body. When the body uses these carbohydrates too fast, it then switches to converting protein to energy which can be taxing for the liver. Protein is better used for producing hemoglobin, an important blood component that takes oxygen to cells throughout the body.…

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An Introduction to the Liver Detox Diet

An Introduction to the Liver Detox Diet

The liver is an important organ that should be given proper care. Its role is to clear out toxins from the body. If one stops to think about it, it is overwhelming how many toxins get into our bodies on a daily basis. Every time a person eats something unhealthy, drinks too much alcohol, takes drugs or smokes, toxins are ingested. Every single one of these toxins are processed by the liver, that then does its best to clear these toxins out of the body via a person’s urine, excrement or sweat.

However, the liver does have its limits. In some cases the liver gets overloaded and cannot process the toxins out of a person’s system. This can have disastrous consequences for a person’s health. It is important for a person to do all that is in his or her power to keep the liver functioning well. Going on a liver detox diet every so often can help the liver to clear out excess toxins and stay in good working order.

There are many different liver diets floating around. One can find a diet of this nature online quite easily. Some diets only last a few days while others last up to three weeks. Most liver detox diets consist of eating mostly uncooked fruits and vegetables along with whole grain foods. Water also plays an important role in any liver detox diet. A person that is going on such a diet will need to drink at least eight cups of water per day for it to be fully effective. Junk foods, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and drugs must be given up when going on a liver detox diet.

The Seven Day Liver Detox Diet Plan:

Day 1- Day 3: This phase of this diet involves drinking only liquids. A person that embarks on this particular diet will need to limit him or herself to only drinking fresh lime juice and lots of water. This phase is one of the most difficult, as a person is basically fasting and will feel weak and tired. One can, if he or she desires, do some light exercise while on this phase of the liver detox diet. However, it is important to allow plenty of time to rest and not overdo.

Day 4 – Day 6: This phase of the liver detox diet is much easier to handle. A person can eat all raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grain foods and boiled vegetables are also allowed. However, while a person can eat certain foods at this stage of the detox diet, he or she will also need to continue to drink plenty of liquids. Liquids that are permitted at this stage of the diet are broth, herbal teas and homemade fruit and vegetable juice.

Day 7: One can eat the same foods that are allowed for days 4 – 6. One can also steam his or her vegetables instead of eating them either raw or boiled. Herbs that are recommended for this stage of the diet are Rosemary and Dandelion.

While going on a liver detox diet is a great way to help the liver clean out toxins from the system, it can also have negative side effects. A person should consult his or her doctor before embarking on this type of cleansing. An individual that experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and pain should stop the diet immediately and seek medical help.…

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A Liver Detox Diet Can Help to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

A Liver Detox Diet Can Help to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is one that many people do not even realize they have. One reason this may be the case is that any number of people have tried a liver detox diet to lose weight. This type of diet can do more than help you lose some unwanted fat. It can also help to slow or stop the progression of fatty liver disease. This disease is caused by a buildup of fat within the liver cells. As there are no specific symptoms that point to this condition, it can be difficult to diagnose. If you have concerns that you may be at risk, a liver detox diet can be of great help.

This diet follows many of the rules of good eating. Start with high fiber foods. An increase in this area will help during the digestion process. Fiber helps to burn and rid your liver of excess fats. Even if you don’t actually increase your intake in this area, you can lower your consumption of foods that contain little, if any, fiber. Desserts and alcohol should be at the top of the list.

Low calories food should also be a part of your liver detox diet. Not only will this help you to drop the unwanted pounds, but it will also help rid your body of excess fats stored in the liver. Your heart muscle has to work harder when you have excess fat in the body. By lowering your caloric intake, you can reduce this stress on the heart.

Not only will your liver benefit, but your entire body will. This is easier than you think. Eat smaller portions more frequently so your body can burn them off quicker. Also, substitute healthier foods for junk ones. Wheat crackers can be substituted for chips or a non-alcoholic beer for a regular one. Small steps do make a difference.

Reduce your fat intake. Eat more food with low saturated fat. Processed foods often have this hidden within them so start reading labels. Keep your total fat intake to less that 30% of your daily calories. Again, you will have to pay attention to labels, but your liver and your life are worth it.…

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Three Things To Feel Better From Diabetes In 3 Days

Three Things To Feel Better From Diabetes In 3 Days

Diabetes is a very common disease these days. Along with this disease the body’s natural ability to produce insulin is affected badly. Due to its deficiency the patient have to take it externally as an injection or use some heavy medication which controls the deficiency of insulin. This regular mediation and injections makes it real hard for the patient to enjoy a normal life.

You should not be worried about your diabetes. There is a perfect natural cure to this disease. This will not only control your diabetes but with constant precautions you can almost eliminate this disease from your body.

In general this disease has two stages. At the first stage the patient feels some disorders like he will drink more water than usual and urination will be fast and will occur a lot. This is very common even in young patients. People think that there cannot be diabetes in young patients but this type of diabetes is more common in younger ages.

Then there is an acute stage of diabetes in which patients needs some special caring and medication. In this stage people always feel hungry and tired. Also their wounds do not heal at normal rate. And sometimes their organs begin to function improperly. This stage often comes after the first stage, therefore it is more common in adults and older people.

The people who think that there is no cure for diabetes are wrong. In fact there is a very simple, easy and natural solution to diabetes.

1. You need to follow following instructions very carefully and you will see the difference in days.

2. You need to have a controlled and balanced diet. Take the diet which is lowest in sugar levels. Try to take natural sugar as much as possible and avoid artificial sugar.

3. You should avoid using flavored and sweet milk and yogurt which are available these days in market. Instead you should make a habit of taking low-fat milk and yogurt. If you have no taste for non-sugary yogurt and milk then you should start taking it with flavored yogurt to develop your taste and then gradually decrease the use of sweet and high fat yogurt.

Last thing to remember you should consult your doctor for the best diet plan. And do your regular medical checkups to avoid future risks.…

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Unleash The Power Of Healing And Hope

Unleash The Power Of Healing And Hope

Patiently I waited for her to walk out of her Doctor’s office. He was a specialist who could help her recover from an illness that began with hernia surgery years ago. The mesh from that surgery had disintegrated into her body. Her pain excruciating. Her nights sleepless, and her days filled with discomfort, and anxiety.

In her prime she was an extremely successful business woman. Had this mesh not decomposed,in her body she would still be in the prime of her career. A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Yet shrewd in her business world. And now, her world consists of living on a minimal amount of money, seeing Doctors for pain, and little hope of getting well. Her Doctors tell her she should have been dead long ago.

What secret has kept this woman alive? Her hope and passion for helping other people. Her dream in her younger years was to help people get the best financial information that was available.

You now have insight about the woman I drove to the Doctor’s office and watched as she walked out with dignity, but with tears streaming down her lovely face. My heart reached out, but she at that moment felt too defeated. I drove her home with little conversation.

Today I had a visit with her. We had tea and sandwiches. And she talked about her business career. I listened as she helped me with my issues. It takes about 33 seconds to lose hope. We have a very short time span to regain our composure to once again have the will to find hope. I have observed this woman for two years. Her composure is instant. Her dream to help people in need is highly regarded by all who know her.

Sharing her dream with you is my blessing. She has instantaneously regained hope when none was available. She has kept her dream alive to help other people, even as her pain and suffering increases.

Keep your dream alive. Your dream is your Identity. The catalyst to any dream is the energy of hope. You can rebuild your dream and hope with gratitude. The process is simple. It takes thirty days to form a habit. Form the habit of gratitude by giving thanks to your God each morning when you wake for the blessings you have now. And then give thankful gratitude to God for the blessings you are expecting for the day you are facing regardless of how you feel. At night before sleep again give grateful thanks to God for the blessings that entered into your life that day. Do this for thirty days. You will begin to see good changes in your life. Your hope is the pathway to fulfilling your dream. The Phantoms cannot steal what your Creator has gifted you, if you keep giving gratitude to build hope. Your dream is your joy, your true identity.…

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Eating For a Healthy Heart – Are You at Risk of Heart Disease?

Eating For a Healthy Heart – Are You at Risk of Heart Disease?

Eating for a healthy heart isn’t complicated, and it is not about making radical, short-term changes to your diet. It really is about making a life-style change. Eating for a healthy heart is an important initial step to lowering the threat of developing heart problems. Coronary disease will take more lives than the next seven main causes of death. Discover why eating for a healthy heart, seriously, isn’t as rigid as you thought, however it is essential to a happy healthier life.

If coronary disease runs within your family you will need to be especially careful. Heart or cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of people in the United States. It kills much more Americans than all types of cancer put together. Heart attacks tend to be devastating, especially whenever they come as a surprise, and many people who experience a heart attack do not recover. Coronary disease is actually a huge, blanketing term that encompasses each and every illness or condition related to your heart. It is the result of clogging of the coronary arterial blood vessels because of the build-up of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels. Heart attacks can be averted, yet lots of people in the western world multiply their own danger of having a heart attack by some of the things they do every day. There are many factors that can influence your risk of cardiovascular disease. How and what you decide to consume may significantly impact the health of your heart. You can find food that you could eat that will promote and preserve a healthy heart. To keep your heart and body healthy, focus on a diet around the following guidelines: Consume many different foods. Your heart is begging you to stay away from that cheeseburger. You are learning to create healthier choices about food that will take care of your heart for the rest of your lifetime. Put simply, a heart-healthy diet is not that tough to attain. If you wish to get into the specifics, the American Heart Association recommends always keeping your intake of total fat to about 30 percent of combined daily calories.

Healthy eating is very important for a healthy heart. Follow a proper diet. Healthy cooking recipes are definitely popular as many us strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Two healthy cooking techniques are stir frying and sauteing using olive oil or canola oil. Healthy carbs involve whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and a huge amount of vegetables. Top salads with heart-healthy avocado rather than mayonnaise. Plain yogurt is always an excellent substitute for sour cream.

Eating for your heart will involve avoiding sugary foods like candy, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Eating healthy vegetables and fruits is good, as these foods are rich in anti-oxidants. Eating healthy is always great for your body and your lifestyle, especially when it comes to your heart and also the prevention of heart disease. Eating healthy for your heart is one thing everyone needs to try and do, particularly when it involves rebuilding health and minimizing heart attacks.

As the scientific facts amass, it appears to indicate that eating for a healthy heart is not about what not to eat — it’s about what to enjoy.…

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